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About Edwin Markham Elementary School

Welcome to Edwin Markham Elementary School, where a rich history meets a commitment to academic excellence. Established in 1962, our school has been a cornerstone of education in this community for over half a century.

Over the years, Markham Elementary has seen remarkable growth. In 1984, we embarked on a transformative journey when the school was remodeled and expanded, significantly increasing our student capacity from 180 to 380. This expansion allowed us to accommodate a growing community and offer an even better learning environment for our students.

A School Amidst Agriculture

Situated 17 miles north of Pasco, we are nestled in the heart of Block 15, a region characterized by its vast agricultural landscapes, including apple orchards and asparagus fields. Markham Elementary stands as a little island of learning amid this sea of farmland.

Before the construction of Markham, families from Blocks 15, 16, and 17 sent their elementary-aged students to schools in the Eltopia District. This was a time when Franklin County was home to numerous school districts, a staggering 36 at one point. Over time, these districts were consolidated, and the Eltopia District merged with Pasco School District in 1961, thanks to the collective will of the voters in Block 15.

Honoring a Poet and Educator

Our school takes its name from the renowned American poet, Charles Edwin Anson Markham. Beyond his achievements as a poet, Markham also served as a teacher, principal, and superintendent in California schools during the late 19th century. His dedication to education and his poetic spirit continue to inspire our approach to learning.